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Castle Siege

Play to Earn


Server Information
General Information
Server Version Season 6
Experience 30x
Master Experience 20x
Drop 20%

Party Bonus Experience

Members Experience Rate
Same Character Classes Special Classes Bonus
2 Players EXP% + 10x% EXP% + 15x%
3 Players EXP% + 20x% EXP% + 30x%
4 Players EXP% + 30x% EXP% + 45x%
5 Players EXP% + 40x% EXP% + 60x%

Special Classes Bonus


Dark Knight

Fairy Elf


Dark Lord


Magic Gladiator

Dark Lord


Rage Fighter


/setparty Create party with password.

Ex: /setparty 1234

/joinparty Join party anytime you can. Join whenever you want.

Ex: /joinparty 1234

/whisper [on/off] Enable / disable whisper.
/clearpk Clear killer status
/post [message] Sends a message to the whole server.
/str [points] Adds points to Strength.
/addagi [points] Adds points to Agility.
/addvit [points] Adds points to Life.
/addene [points] Adds points to Energy.
/addcmd [points] Adds points to Command.
/requests [on/off] Enable / disable requests in-game.